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We believe that time exists because we think we are in possession of the past. But who exactly has ownership of history? If we remove the concept of time in our real world, our past, present, and future would exist simultaneously – all of them have their own coordinates in some kind of four-dimensional space at once.


I hope the public could participate in the procedure of interpreting history. They should be entitled to describe and explain the historical change and moreover, make their voices heard. 

I remember once I read the Memoir of an Iranian named Sara In 1979 revolutionary. It says: "I was very young when the revolution broke out... We all believed that if we could get rid of the monarchy, a new regime would rise and followed by democracy. However, the truth is that we were all wrong. "


We are making good decisions as well as bad decisions from time to time. We may have blocked the road to freedom for once with our own fair hands, or we have never won in the battle against the horrible totalitarianism - ten years after the Iranian revolution,  there was a movement happened in Beijing that never exists in any official archive. The cleansing and slaughter seem never happened and now everyone is living in a dystopian dream. The authorities are past masters at removing the public from participating in history. In 1989, the Berlin Wall collapsed while in the same year many souls yearning for freedom is trapped in Tiananmen Square.


Located in the East, we were in possession of powerful ancient civilizations in the past. While modernization and Westernization made us confused, tradition and modernity are always in harmony and confrontation. We hardly know what is suitable and right for us. Neither does government. Furthermore, politics cannot withstand repeated trial and error because the cost of mistakes is huge. We are not an extremely strict generation. Most of us are just the subjects of the Tittytainment, and fewer and fewer people are awake. However, I still love my country. I hope everything will be better. I hope everything is important, individual and society, cities and cells, everything that we are going through now. We built the history and we gradually became a part of and the whole of it. It takes me a lot of time before I realized the importance of the individual and realized that the only way to build the ideal future is everyone to participate in all the affairs in the present. The present is every person who is breathing, every tree in the forest, and every drop of water in the ocean.


The only thing that could be guaranteed in the future is the nothing could be eternal, including political power, ideological, and the way we live our lives. In the future, human beings may compete with each other for networks, bases, space, deep seas, control of climate change, and attempt to conquer more space, followed with clashes of civilizations until one day we all die and all civilizations are gone into dust or maybe we could live forever and ever, continuously reproducing breed in an endless succession, and form a global cooperative relationship until one day all human beings stand together again. Under the impact of the scientific and technological revolution and the economic crisis, we are looking for a new era of a civilized harbor in the savage storm.



Truth Box

Wood, Sand, Screen Printing

40*30*15 cm


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