This is a video installation aiming to discuss the barrier between me as a natural person and nature itself. I wanted to present it in a fragile and sensitive way, by using a digital block - There is no synchronization between image and sound. In the original video I was talking about all the stories behind stones. I started collecting them after my moving to Norway, they came from several different places, Trondheim, Lofoten, Garten, Tautra, etc. I think they represent a certain period of time on a larger scale, at some point they are having this interaction with me. Entering my life, listening to dialogues I am having. However, even though I have this perceptual connection with them, as a part of nature, can they hear me or understand me?


Here comes the barrier, I repeat my love towards the great nature continuously, but it will never receive. Nature is a giver, not a receiver; it will receive neither my love, nor pollution from mankind, nor our desperate struggle of climate change. It has its own rhythm and pattern. The self-sentimental confession I am having is a melancholic love letter.

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